Hats Edit


Name Power Drops / How to get Description Effects

feathery mask

15% Quite tacky Hittingness modifier: +10, Wizardliness modifier: +10

leather cowboy hat

10% Yee-haw, as they say. Hittingness modifier: +10

moose scalp

(?) Kernunnotastic! +15 Melee Damage
Sailors Hat 10% What a silly hat. No, really, that's just silly. Dodgingness modifer +10


10% This is a snorkel. For the purposes of this game, you can use it to breathe underwater. If you take good care of it, it'll be just like a snorkel to you. >.> (Lets you adventure at lake?)

woolen hat

5% Itchy! It'll keep your hair warm in winter, though.I suppose it'll also keep it warm in summer, but who wears these things in summer? (None?)

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